Fukushima 2011


On March 11th 2011 earthquake of the Pacific Coast of Tohoku occurred. Due to the big earthquake and Tsunami, there was catastrophic damage resulting in over 20,000 people losing their lives or unaccounted for.In addition, the Tokyo Electric Power Co. Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant exploded. Radioactive material with a large amount of radioactivity spilled. The people in Iidate village and Minamisouma City, north where the nuclear power plant places, faces the pollution and radioactivity. While bonds with family and communities are cut off, this film follows people who live sincerely trying to challenge the reconstruction and regeneration of their town.

Narator: Tatsuya Nakadai
Music: Osamu Kitajima
Song: Tokiko Kato
Director: Hidetaka Inazuka

Japanese with English subtitle