My Wife

(C)2011 "My Wife" Film Partners

In December 1999, in a rural town of Japan, a middle-aged man was arrested. Accusation was “negligence as gurdians resulting in death”. It was the charge inflicted upon when a person with the responsibility to protect an elder, a child, and a physically handicapped person abandoned his responsibility and did not provide protections necessary for a person under his custody to live. The man once had run a small sewing factory successfully. However, after the collapse of the bubble economy, he carried a total of 40 million yen in debt on his shoulder. When the man was about to leave for hunting jobs and resolving money issues, his wife who was 11 years old younger harassed the man saying she wasn’t to be left behind, so the couple left the hometown by blue wagon van with their last 5,000 dollars in hand.

Cast: Tomokazu Miura, Yuriko Ishida
Director: Yukinari Hanawa
Original Story: Hisanori Shimizu

Japanese with English subtitle