SAKI the killer

(C)2010 Team J Productions/Sumurai Hollywood

Saki Matsuda found her place, moving from Japan to sunny Southern California at the request of her grand father. As a painter she enjoys teaching art, despite the fact that her students are prison inmates. And she is happy with her Caucasian boyfriend – good looking and easy going. But after 8 years of living on her own in America her grand father, Shin, shows up unexpectedly. While Saki is elated by this she is reluctant to tell her grand father about her relationship with a ‘foreigner.’ But things quickly fall apart as Shin disapproves of Saki teaching art to convict and senses the man she lives with is more than just a ‘roommate.’ Things get even worst when a pair of Japanese men in black shadow them and a mysterious man in white named Kanekichi attacks Shin. Shin confesses to Saki his involvement with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, and this further flips Saki’s world upside down into questions of who her grand father really is. Her only escape is her art, but when she witnesses her grand father’s murder, it is only her art that give her focus and ultimately the strength to fight back against the hell has shattered the peaceful life she once knew. But who can she trust and how can she defeat the killers that have descended upon her from Japan? The empty canvas is where her destiny awaits and the blood of her enemies will be her paint.

Cast: Sachiko Kokubu, Lance Masa, Hidetoshi Imura
Director: Chisako Yokoyama
Producer: Makoto Ichikawa, Chisako Yokoyama

Japanese with English subtitle