Little Wing

(C)2013 リトルウィング製作委員会

In March. Season to graduate everyone someday, everyone will someday overcome ourselves. Have been evacuated from Fukushima to Tokyo after the earthquake, and the mother Misaki, Yamato his son. I hope that my mother from a strong feeling that I want to be young Yamato, learn karate. Misaki were not allowed to do karate but Yamato. Misaki also such, the old days was a human who loved karate. “What is strength?” Kiryu and want to teach karate in Yamato, Misaki going to shut the mind, the crisis of survival visited dojo. A freedom that has been nurtured in Yamato, will change little by little people big, really strong wings “of the heart”, we will produce a small miracle.

Cast: Nahana, Ryunosuke Kawai, Syun Sugata
Director: Kenji Kurata
Producer: Hirotaka Asano
Planning producer: Seigo Inoue

Japanese with English subtitles

May 15(Wed.) Japan Foundation Auditorium 7:00pm
Free Screenings