Living in japan


Director Shusuke Kaneko shows a day in the life of a teenage girl. Interspersed throughout this are videos submitted by the general public that are used to represent the things that come to her mind as she moves through her day. The elderly of Yoronjima Island pray for a rich harvest. Children play sports. Women anticipate the birth of their unborn. Juxtaposed with these are the images of devastation wrought by one of the greatest natural disasters in modern history. Yet, despite the deep scars left by the quake, the people of Japan seek a return to the traditions and rituals of their daily life. Our aim is to show that we in Japan are still living life as we always have through the window of a single day. With director Kaneko’s film, the submitted videos, and local music, “Living in Japan” and its “poetry of images” speaks to the hearts of people the world ove

Director: Shusuke Kaneko
Producer: Ichiro Imai, Kei Yoshida
Japanese with English subtitles

May 15(Wed.) Japan Foundation Auditorium 12:00pm
Free Screenings