JFFLA2013 Screening  Schedule

May 11 (Sat.) Japan Foundation Auditorium (LA)
 12:00PM ☆”Straw Berry Filds”*director ota appear in person
 2:00PM ☆JFFLA2013 Directors’Talk
director: Nobuhiko Obayashi & Takafumi Ota
 4:00PM ☆Submission Screening -Feature Film
“Suika3 Yggdrasil”
 5:00PM ☆Submission Screening -Short Films
 “Control”,”RUIN”, “My Hero”,”Three Days in Kamakura”, Dusk”,
   ☆Free Screenings (Need Reservation)
May 12 (Sun.) Miyako Hybrid Hotel (Torrance)
10:30AM “The House of Rising Sun”*
World Premiere Director,Takafumi Ota in Person!
 1:00PM “I Will Blaze A New Trail”
 2:30PM “Casting Blossoms to the Sky”*
 5:30PM  Director, Nobuhiko Obayashi Talk Show
 *Director will appear in person
May 15 (Wed.) Japan Foundation Auditorium (LA)
12:00PM ☆”Living in Japan”
12:40PM ☆”Japanese American History Unknown”
 1:30PM ☆”TOKYO Ainu”
 7:00PM ☆”Little Wing”
   ☆Free Screenings
May 17 (Fri.) Chanoma House (El Segundo)
 6:00PM ☆”God and Atomic bomb”
 7:00PM ☆Peace Net~Nagasaki⇔LA.Symposium~
   ☆Free Screening and event
May 18 (Sat.) Yamaha Music Center (Irvine)
 3:00PM    「書くことの重さ」*(No English Subtitle)
   * 秀孝監督来場挨拶あり
 5:00PM “Heaven’s Story”1
 7:30PM “Heaven’s Story”2
   *5minute break between 1 and 2
May 19 (Sun.) Yamaha Music Center (Irvine)
12:15PM “Hafu -the mixed-race experience in Japan”
 2:00PM “Casting Blossoms to the Sky”
 5:00PM “Happy! People in the Media”
May 26 (Sun.) Pi:K (San Diego)
 1:00PM “I Will Blaze A New Trail”
 2:45PM “Casting Blossoms to the Sky”
 5:45PM “Finding Refuge in Ishinomaki”

* Schedule may change so please check our website for the latest info.                                      And free screenings Need Reservation to our web site.

Japan Film Festival 2013 Los Angeles Schedule(PDF)