Casting Blossoms to the Sky
Casting Blossoms to the Sky

(C)2011「長岡映画」製作委員会 PSC

If all the bombs in the world were to change in to fireworks, it shall bring peace to this world
Drama/LA Premiere/160mins
Happy! People in the Media
Happy! People in the Media


From Tannan, road Movie!
Drama/US Premiere/85mins
Heaven’s Story
Heaven's Story

(C)2010 Heaven’s Project

We hit the hatred in this world together. We asked for love and each other.
Drama/LA Premiere/278mins
Little Wing
Little Wing

(C)2013 リトルウィング製作委員会

I want to be strong. In order to protect the mother, I want to become more stronger.
Drama/US Premiere
The House of Rising Sun



I want to protect a beautiful home. Te first we thought so regrettably since then. Here is our home. Japan beautiful home.