Casting Blossoms to the Sky

(C)2011「長岡映画」製作委員会 PSC

A reporter for the local paper in Amakusa, Endo Reiko is a child of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing. She goes to visit her former lover, Katayama Kenichi, a victim of the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake who resides in Nagaoka, aware of its association to the Nagaoka Fireworks. The film is Reiko’s travelogue as she is captivated by the wonderland of surprises and delights in Nagaoka. All of the characters are actual people from history. Nagaoka air raid narrator Lilico, whose deceased infant is reincarnated as a presently 18-year-old Hana, among other historical elements are fictionalized with a semi-documentary touch. On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by the Great Tohoku Earthquake. At this moment in time, Japanese can not help but to ponder how they can exist now and in the future, as well as how have people existed up until now. This film also confronts these themes. I hope to reconsider Japan’s post-war history by gazing up at the Nagaoka Fireworks. (C) “Nagaoka Film” Production Partners, PSC

Cast: Yasuko Matsuyuki , Masahiro Takashima, Minami Inomata
Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi
Producer: Kyoko Obayashi

Japanese with English subtitle.

“Casting Blossoms to the Sky” & Director Nobuhiko Obayashi Talk Show

May 12th    2:30pm-6:30pm  at  Miyako Hybrid Hotel(Torrance)


“Casting Blossoms to the Sky” Screening at Irvine and San Diego
May 19 (Sun) 2:00pm at YAMAHA Music Center (Irvine)
May 26 (Sun) 2:45pm at Pi:K (San Diego)
$10 (No Talk Show Irvine and San Diego)