The House of Rising Sun


Shizuoka Prefecture, Kosai is a beautiful town surrounded by nature. Hirata family lived in the town. (Shiro Namiki) agriculture dad. Mother (Tomoko Saito) is a housewife. Eldest daughter (Izumi Hirasawa) college students. Sister (Wakana Hashimoto) is a junior high school student. Mundane family where you are in Japan. However, only the eldest daughter Akane, She did not like this town. There is not have a large shopping center. There is no movie theater or concert hall. Did pass was the only university in the neighborhood has been received from a university in the city. It was a big city to find employment, she had dreamed of living alone. Large earthquakes that have occurred at such time. Accident at a nuclear power plant. Evacuation time. And to shelter. They thought come back in one day, But family can not go home for many months. father lost his job. Become neurotic mother, and sister became ill. Furlough also allowed finally, with a one-hour limit. Akane’s family also, they get caught up in the vortex of great sadness ? ? ?.
Cast: Tomoko Saito, Wakana Hashimoto, Izumi Hirasawa, Shiro Namiki
Director: Takafumi Ota
Japanese with Japanese subtitles
World Premiere Screening !!
Director Takafumi Ota will appear in person.
May 12 (Sun.) Miyako Hybrid Hotel(Torrance)  10:30AM