JFFLA2013 Best Short Film Award goes to “Dusk”
directed by T.J. Yoshizaki. Congratulations!


Submission Feature film ・・・                                                                      May 11 (Sat.) 4:00pm at Japan Foundation LA.

“Suika3 Yggdrasil “

suika355min/Diector:  Yuichi Kondo (Japan)

Amane Hoshino called Jinko is just a little clumsy, cheerful and normal girl. Although she enjoys school life with the astronomy club mates which she belongs. However she is suffering from something that she can’t talk to anyone about her sister, Nana, who has poor eyesight and her mother who already died before. One day, she and club mates find the recruitment of participants to the space trip ‘Yggdrasil’.  (C)2005 ATREE


Submission Short films ・・・                                                                                                     “Control” / “Haikyo” / “Three days in Kamakura” / “Dusk” / “My Heroes”                     May 11 (Sat.) 5:00pm at Japan Foundation LA.


CONTROL14min/ director: Eiji Tomichi (U.S.A.)

Sally is kidnapped by three masked people and locked in a small room. There she is surprised to find her exboyfriend, Chris, who apparently was also kidnapped. The attempt to escape brings them closer again. However,    Chris has a secret that he cannot tell Sally.


Hikyo15min / Director: Chris Todd (New Zealand)

Lost and lonely among the passionless people of his world, a man walks out and takes refuge in the ruins of an abandoned hotel.Here in he twilight of a forgotten world, he discovers he is not alone after all…

“Three Days in Kamakura”

Three days in kamakura20min / Director: Alec McAulay (Japan)

David and Keiko’s marriage is under strain. Fate conspires to bring a small boy, Jay, half-Japanese, half-Western, into their lives, and the boy becomes a catalyst in their troubled relationship during three days in Kamakura.


Dusk12min / Director: T.J. Yoshizaki (U.S.A.)

It was an ordinary afternoon on the street of Los Angeles. But, it wasn’t quite ordinary for one girl. She is bad. And what she has done puts her in a bad situation, a really bad one. Entirely shot on film at beautiful locations in LA neighborhood.

“My Heroes”


13min / Director: Eiji Tomichi (U.S.A.)

As a Small child, Randy was saved by a super héro called Darkness Man. Since his encounter wiht the héro, he dreamed of following in his footsteps. To achieve this dream, he joined the army where he was wounded and hence confined to a wheelchair for the reminder of his life. Randy is about to give up all hope of ever being a héro when he is visited by another disabled man.