(C)Nagasaki Broadcasting Company

(C)Nagasaki Broadcasting Company

Hiroshi Matsuzoe’s survivors to the story of the atomic bomb to the children that had become the salt of life. It has lost its voice in the 80-year-old for pharyngeal cancer. What myself can no longer storyteller that has continued for many years and the hope for peace is, should live from now on …. I stared at the one-year Matsu who shook Between the feeling that would like to talk as survivors and suffering that I have lost my voice. Narration Riisa Naka actress.

Cast: Hiroshi Matsuzoe
Narrated by: Riisa Naka
Director: Aya Iwamoto
Producer: Kazuhiro Majima
(60min) Japanese with English subtitles

Free screening: Sat. May3.

2:00pm~3:00pm 長崎平和ドキュメンタリー「静かな声」無料上映

Place: Little Tokyo Library  (203 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90012)