The stories that were never told in the original two films are about to be told. The fight for humanity is about to begin….

Over a hundred years ago, humanity suffered a serious blow as people had literally been eaten away by the sudden appearance of Titans. And those who had survived the attack have lived in peace in a secluded area to stay safe against enemy attacks; but once again, our peace had been disturbed. Because of these monstrous titans, our peace on this planet soon became a serious risk.

This story outlines the lives of our soldiers 10 months after the attack, and our attempts to counterattack these creatures in order to save humanity.


Sep.27(Sun) Aratani Theatre (Little Tokyo) 12:00pm

Actress Rina Takeda will appear in person and Special Talk show!!

(This movie is not the main story of “Attack on Titan”. This is a spin off movie based off the original film. )

$10 at the window