Furiko(C)TBS/Yoshimoto Kogyo

“Furiko (Pendulum)” written by a creator, Tekken. This original manga was played at video-sharing sites three millionth times and was used for a music video by a rock band, Muse.

In 1976, Saki and Daisuke unexpectedly met in high school.  This was the beginning of their vicissitudinous lives. Based on a comic strip created by a Japanese comedian named Teppen, this story illustrates the ups and downs of Saki and Daisuke as they live their lives. Through hardships and great efforts, an unexpected turnout awaits the couple.

99 min

Shido Nakamura / Manami Konishi


Sep.20 Yamaha Music Center (Irvine) 2:15 pm 
with ”On This Side” screening (Only Irvine)
*You can buy at the window


Sep.26 JACCC. (Little Tokyo) 11:00 am    director: Takenaga and Miss.Sahel Rose will appear in person !!(Only Little Tokyo screening)