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This film aims to send the awareness of a traditional Japanese arts form known as the “Kagura.” We have high hopes in trying to spread the knowledge of this tradition to more people who understand the value to passing down this message to further generations. With the appearance of the very well known actress, Rina Takeda (“KG Karate Girl”), this is the first film by director Yasuo Okuaki, a native of the village known as Tsuru-city at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

STORY: A heart-warming tale from a small village at the foot of Mt. Fuji starts to unravel ever so gently… The main character “Akine” had lost her beloved mother at a very young age. On the day that her mother had passed, her father was nowhere to be seen, but rather out practicing the “Shi-Shi Kagura”, a traditional Japanese dance. And ever since that day, the distance between her and her father had widened dramatically. And upon her graduation from high school, she was in Tokyo, completely stalled with her life; her father too had still been unable to accept the loss of his wife. And one day on her mother’s 13th memorial, she had decided to go back to her original home after a long 5 years. Her father is getting ready for a festival, which happens once every 60 years, and plans to perform his last dance but something goes wrong… Akine also notices a woman who looked exactly like her beloved and lost mother….  This film remarkably resembles the relationship of family, love, and the importance of passing down tradition to the next generation.

Starring: Rina Takeda 

 Sep.27(Sun) JACCC Garden Room B      10:15 am

Actress: Rina Takeda will appear in person !!

$10 At the window. You can enter LA Japan Fair with this ticket.