On This Side photo 475×292

“A non-dialogue story, depicting couples attempting suicide, by themselves at a lake side, flush with  memories after elder-to-elder nursing care.”

Yuichiro, after suffering from cancer, learns that death is approaching. He learns of it before his wife, Chizuko does, whom he has been nursing for years. He has no one to depend on, no friends and no savings. Gradually he has no way out. The reality of elder-to-elder nursing is so difficult that it has drained away his energy, day by day.

Director: Bunji Sotoyama

30 min

Sep.20(Sun) Yamaha Music Center (Irvine)  2:15pm

This film screening with “Furiko” at Irvine screening. You can see 2 films for one ticket.

*You can buy ticket $10 at the window.