This is a story about a farm trying to find a new system for future of the earth, through farming together with every life including bugs and weeds.

Sasaki Farm is located by Toya lake in Hokkaido. Every morning farm members get to the field after committing, “we will circulate love and joy!”. The vegetables listen to all the staff words. They talk to the vegetables, “How are you? Thank you.” They use no agrichemicals or fertilizers. Bugs and weeds are also their companies. At the bottom of the reason why they do this, there is a thought on their dear son, Daichi. Through farm operation, family members developed conflict, and everything came to limit. When they were about to left the place, leaving everything behind, Daichi suddenly passed away. His last ward was that he will protect his family. What is meaning to live? What are our lives? A tapestry of pleasure created by lives now gets appearing.

Director: Yasuko Iwasaki  Camera and Editing: Yasuhiro Ono

Cast: Takahito Murakami, Sayumi Murakami
Production:E・E project
95min  Documentary  ©Heart of Miracle

May 7 (Irvine) YAMAHA Music Center  5:00pm start

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