About one hundred people committing suicide per year is discovered, the world’s leading suicide spot footsteps of Mt.Fuji(Fuji Jyukai). It was a movie of three high school girls trying to kill themselves in the sea when they entered the mobile phone found by chance on the spirit program’s location. Ami with suicidal desire, Hinata and I saw a moment when people died. The things that such three people encounter and the things left by the suicide people and the horrible tree sea legend. What is the actual state of “a reincarnated village” where people who failed suicide live? Interview the people who actually live and interview! Next generation document horror filmed by mobile phone. Realistic fear awaiting for them at the lake in the late night, the last of the shock …

Director:Katsumi Sakashita

Producer:Youhei Yasunaga, Kurumi Suzuki,  Maki Kitani

Cast:Ami Okuma , Mirei Ootonari , Setsu Kohinata, Ryota Yamasato, Tsubaki Oniyakko Shoko Ieda, Hitomi Sato

Film:Yoshimoto Kogyo / TBS / KATSU-do


International premiere  85 min  Japanese with English Subtitle


Director, Katsumi Sakashita will coming and talk !!

May 14(Sun.)2:00 pm New Gardena Hotel

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