She will change the painfulness of nursing care into laughter.

Ms. Tanabe Kauei (60 years old), a female conversationist(Kodan-Shi), is an original lecture created based on three nursing experience experiences including mothers. In the beginning, Ginya Tanabe, who is a daughter of Professor Kakuei, talks about what the lecture is. And the main Tanabe’s appearance. Original story “Kaigo cafe” and then “nursing care lecture” based on real experience of dementia care nursing. Closing the “Long-Term Care lecture” is a picture of the time, which is a true story. The situation of nursing care of the actual grandpa and Tanabe mother and daughter will be shown. And after-talk after mother’s daughter after talk. I will tell you the ties of families who were spoken with tears and laughter.

Director /Producer : Norio Ogikubo

Cast:Kakuei Tanabe , GinyaTanabe

90min  International Premier Screening     Web site

Director Ogikubo will coming screening and Talk Show on May 13 !

May 6.   3 pm YAMAHA Music Center 

May 13. 12 pm  New Gardena Hotel   (director, talk after Gardena screening only)

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