Hey, do girls love girls?

A strange love relationship beyond friendship between the innocent and freaky Japanese woman Laika and the Russian woman Yurya who aims for an actress in Moscow. The dense time of the two living together in a small room in Moscow. The relationship between the two woman is going crazy greatly as a result of the incident that occurred on the subway!

Director: Akiyoshi Imazeki

Producer :Tsuyoshi Shimada

Cast: Sae Miyajima , Ksenia Aristotratova (※Russian name/ Ксения Алистратова)

USA Premier

95min Russian and Japanese ※English Subtitle  ©ライカ/LAIKA

(R-18)Can not enter this film 18 year and under



Director, Akiyoshi Imazeki & Main Cast Sae Miyajima will coming our screening!!

May 13(Sat.)5:00 pm @New Gardena Hotel 

“Date & Venue”