Drama / USA  Premiere /30 min

School girl high school student Aoi Yamano who decided to go back to his sushi store to protect his father. Despite being confused by Aoi’s decision, cold surrounding adults. Shoukichi Umeda, corch of baseball team she used to appear before such Aoi. Quiet night when powder snow flies, Aoi asks Shokichi baseball game. · · Serious game with old Sho – kichi gave Aoi the bitterness and sorrow of life, and new hope. 17-year-old living hard, a fresh and tasty youth story like “Wasabi”.

Director: Bunji Sotoyama
Cast:Kyoko Yoshine, Rouji Sugimoto, Atom Shimojo, Yasuko Tomita

“Oak tree and Onigiri”
Drama / OC Premiere /15 min

On a beautiful hillside in pre-World War 2 Los Angeles, Sachi, a young Japanese girl, plants an oak seed with her father. There, he begins teaching her lessons about life, family, and tradition. On December 7th 1941, the world as she knows it is shattered forever; she and her mother are wrongfully interned and her father enlists in the military never to return. Ten years later, and irrevocably altered, Sachi returns to find she and her mother outcasts, but the oak tree she planted with her father has not only survived, somehow, and most mysteriously, it has thrived.

Director: Masanori Baba Cast: Saya, Jonathan Freudman, Shin Okano, Tamlyn Tomita


“Orizuru 2015”
Drama / OC  Premiere /25min

The film is about a shy Japanese boy who finds courage to make friends with his American classmates, inspired by his elderly neighbor, a Pearl Harbor WWII survivor who has become friends with an atomic bomb survivor from Hiroshima. The meeting of the above two war survivors is based on a true story.* This film contains no images or descriptions of war.

Director: Miyuki Sohara Cast: Takamaro, Reyna, Jed Mills


director. Sohara will come and talk!!

“Haru Nareya”
Drama / USA Premiere /20min

Short film with a motif of cherry blossoms centered on Kumamoto prefecture Kikuchi city. Starring Kazuko Yoshiyuki, the chance for the story of “Springerhead” was a haiku. I feel that short films are close to haiku poetry. I think there is a point that both parties can talk about eternity in a short time. When I was looking for this theme, I thought that I could probably create a story, knowing a story that “Somei Yoshino has 60 years to not bloom”. Even if there is no “eternal” there is certain “hope” in cherry blossoms. I hope to be able to tell the feeling that hope is the eternal for us, by repeating cherry blossoms and humans.

Director: Bunji Sotoyama  Cast: Kazuko Yoshiyuki

“Fateful day”
Drama / International Premiere /5min
A chance encounter brings two strangers in a high-stakes confrontation
Director:  Edward Mizner Cast: Edward Mizner, Natalie O’Malley, Paula Kelley
director, Mizner will come screening.
“Every time, on you!”
Animation / International Premiere /6min
One-cut animation short about a girl, her underwear and their growth.
Director: Hirokazu Hosoyama

★Short & Submission screening @Irvine 1 pm Start  @YAMAHA Music Center
May 7(Sun.)”Wasabi”+”Orizuru2015″+”Haru Nareya”+”Oak tree and Onigiri”
       *director, Sohara of”Orizuru” & director Baba of “Onigiri” Talk!


★Short & Submission screening @Gardena 12 pm Start  @New Gardena Hotel 
May 14(Sun.)”Wasabi”+”Every time, on you!”+”Fateful day”director,Mizner
       +”Haru Nareya”+”Oar tree and Onigiri” director, Baba  Talk !

“Date & Venue”