Sep.26 (Sat) @ JACCC Garden Room B      5:40 PM ~ 4 short films screenings

american hikikomori

“American Hikikomori”
“AMERICAN HIKIKOMORI” is a short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.
Director / Writer : Landis Stokes,
Starring: Yuto Serata, Naoyuki Ikeda, Akiko Shima
20 min
“God Book”    
A God who can operate human behavior via a Social Networking Service called “Godbook” is in charge of managing modern Japan. The God struggles to make an ideal society, but it gradually starts getting in the wrong direction.
“Godbook” is about the Social Networking Service problem, it focuses on a common stress people feel when using them. Also in order to attract a big audience, this work aims to be an entertaining and simple to understand film.
Directer / Writer :  Keita Niwa
Starring: Yuki Ikeda, Rifo Kawata, Taishiro
16 min
“Fukushima Route 6 – The most dangerous ROAD in the world – ”
Drive recorder of the camera and a small camera GoPro only documentary film that was shot in.From March 11, 2011, it has become the most dangerous road in the world “Japan Fukushima National Route 6”. There is off-limits area that has been contaminated with radioactivity. No. 6 national route reactor explosion accident approaches to the point of two kilometers until happened nuclear power plant. The Japanese government is giving priority to economic recovery, it was resumed “Fukushima National Route 6”, which is the industrial road. However, even now, the danger area do not live anyone in that area. Conditions for passing, those that passed in a car that has been sealed with a glass window. It’s useless on foot or bike. It is, radioactivity is strong, because resulting in exposure. Just When traveling pass. Straight line distance 14.1 kilometers, the guard rail or metal fence has been installed. It not allowed also to stop also be bent. We are in the prepared for exposure, is a record of the truth of the 15 minutes that reports its state.
Director/ Photography / Editing: Jahn Kawamoto
Report: Jahn Kawamoto & Akiyoshi Imazeki
16 min
Honen matsuri
“Honen Matsuri”  
‘Honen Matsuri’ gives an inside look at the ancient fertility festival in Komaki, Japan.  Each year, thousands of Japanese gather at the Tagata Jinja shrine in the southern town of Komaki to pray for a good harvest, and for increased fertility in human beings. A large wooden phallus is paraded through the streets. Ceremonies are performed to curry the favor of the shrine’s spirit. But in Japan today the birth rate has dropped precipitously, and the older generation complains that few young people are interested in having families anymore.
Directer :  Sofian Khan
Music : Joshua Green
9 min