JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL 2019 Film Submission Details

Submission requirements
- It is the submitter's responsibility to ensure that rights for all images and music used in the film have been cleared.
- Selected films need to have English subtitles whenever the dialogue is not in English. JFFLA can provide information on subtitling services.                                                                                                                                                   

- The film may have been previously screened or released. 
- Films will be accepted from Japanese Directors, Writers, or Producers, and from non-Japanese Directors. It is a requirement that the theme be related to Japan, OR that the lead or the majority of the cast are Japanese actors.

Other Requirements

Permission for promotional use:Your submission indicates your acceptance of the use of your film’s image captures, excerpts, or trailers for film festival promotional materials, including websites, social media, brochures, and flyers.
Important Notice: By submitting your film to JFFLA, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted all application requirements. In the case of falsehood or serious errors your film will be excluded, and you may be required to compensate for festival committee hours expended.

Categories for submissions
- Short Film – Maximum running time 20 min.
- Feature Film – Running time 60 - 120 min.

Film acceptance
If submitted film is selected to be in the final competition, notification will be sent to you via e-mail or phone. Accepted films can expect a response from JFFLA by the end of July 2019.    *Please do not call the JFFLA office. We will contact you directly. 

Prize/ Award
There will be a Jury award. The winner will receive a prize. The prize will be original, and will be presented at the ceremony. 
How to submit film
Please upload to :https://filmfreeway.com/JapanFilmFestivalLosAngeles

or  info@jffla.org, and complete the application form with your film link by the deadline.  

※Application form: submission form-2019

Mail:  info@jffla.org  

Final Submission deadline – Early Bird  May 30, 2019. / Regular June 15, 2019

Submission Fee  
Short Film Submission Fee - $30 to $50  /Feature Film Submission Fee - $50 to $100

Payment options: PayPal or Credit Card


Japan Film Festival Committee (Submission)
Email:  info@jffla.org
Official Website:  http://www.jffla.org/

JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL LA 2019 公募上映作品応募詳細

– 台詞が英語でない場合は、必ず英語の字幕を付けてください。字幕に関しての質問はJFFLAにお問い合わせください。
– 映画はすでに発表・上映されたものでも構いません。
– 日本人の監督、脚本、プロデューサーの場合、テーマは日本に関するものでなくても構いません。
– 監督、脚本、プロデューサー、出演者などが日本人でない場合、撮影場所や作品のコンセプトや日本文化など、何か日本と関連する作品とすること、もしくは出演者に日本人がいること。


-短編映画 最大で20分以内
-長編映画 60分から120分以内


https://filmfreeway.com/JapanFilmFestivalLosAngeles に作品をアップロードお願いします。

または、応募フォームを記載し、作品をアップロードしたリンク先を添えて、Eメールにて info@jffla.orgまで、締め切りまでに下記に送付ください。応募フォームはEmailにて請求ください。





早期締め切り2019年5月30日  最終締め切り2019年6月15日

短編映画応募費用$30から$50   長編映画応募費用$50から$100

質問は: Japan Film Festival Committee (Submission)までEメールにてお知らせください。
Official Website:http://www.jffla.org/

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What is JFFLA?

The Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles originally started out in 2003. We are dedicated to strengthening the general understanding of Japanese culture by providing American and Japanese audiences in Los Angeles cutting-edge, original films depicting authentic representations of contemporary Japan.