Newport Beach Higashi Honganji Film Festival

Saturday October. 5 , 2019 Free Screenings


Oct.5 1 pm


(78min Documentary) FREE SCREENING

2011年3月11日の東日本大震災による津波が東北の海岸の北部を襲ってから8年が経過しました。2万人を超える人々が命を失い、他の多くの人々がいまだに行方不明になっています。時間が経つにつれて、犠牲者の家族はすべての希望を捨て、愛する人を探すのをやめました。 しかし、この作品は諦めずに捜索活動を続けている2人の男の話です。両者は強い意志を共有し、行方不明になった人々の思い出を生き続けたいと強く望んでいます。

Eight years have passed since the Tsunami hit the northern part of Japan’s coast in 2011. More than 20 thousand people lost their lives, and many others are still missing. As time went by the families of the victims abandoned all hope and stopped looking for their loved ones. However, this is the story of two men that are still fully committed to their respective searching activities.  Even though their backgrounds are extremely different, both share a strong force of will and firmly wish to keep alive the memories of the ones that went missing. Perseverance is what pushed an ex-convict to look for redemption by helping the victims’ families to find the remains of their loved ones, and perseverance is what brought a bus driver to start to dive in order to search for his wife.


Oct. 5 3pm

“Okinawan Blue”

(97min Drama)


This is a tale of three families on a remote island. A foreign couple who end up staying at an old inn; a man comes back to the island to abduct his own son despite being a fugitive on the run; and a stepfather and his stepdaughter who have been left behind by the wife who took off with her lover. It is the story of these threefamilies, and their awkward attempts at seeking love. Hardened hearts are eventually softened by both the natural surroundings and the kind people of the beautiful Kerama Islands. 


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