We will delivery the Japanese mind

The Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles originally started out in 2003 as the Chanoma Film Festival, and has been a vanguard event dedicated to strengthening the general understanding of Japanese culture by providing American and Japanese audiences in Los Angeles cutting-edge, original films depicting authentic representations of contemporary Japan.

This festival was originally based on the theme of “Chanoma” – a family gathering place in the living room, and showcased heart warming films that portray the everyday life of a Japanese family. But through time the festival has evolved to include a wider variety of genres for audiences to enjoy, all of which portray a different aspect of Japanese culture. To reflect these changes and highlight the festival’s evolution, the name of the festival has been changed to “Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles” since 2008.

The 2019 Japan Film Festival will provide a significant opportunity for American audiences to come and see what Japan is all about and for Japanese people themselves to look at their own culture from different perspectives and reflect upon what it means to be Japanese.

Cinema is the bridge that connects us all! We are convinced that through this festival, we can help strengthen the understanding of contemporary Japanese culture within American shores as well as encourage communication and the exchange of ideas between Japan and the U.S.

Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles will hold its 14th annual festival in 2019. The committee members and volunteers for the Festival are passion and energy dedicated to this event. Although the festival is still young, it is an up and coming festival supported by its members with unlimited potential.

We hope to continue this event, not only for 2019, but for the coming years as well.
We hope to uncover new talent in the Japanese film industry through this festival, develop and grow together, and promote the cultural exchange between the US and Japan. With these hopes in mind, we will be holding the Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles 2019.


JFFLA 2019 Film Festival Committee