Aiko 16 sai

Los Angeles and Nagoya sister city 60 years anniversary screening!

Drama • 98 min アイコ十六歳


Yasuko Tomita

was born on February 27, 1969 in Fukuoka, Japan. She is an actress, known for “Aiko 16-sai” (1983), “Bu su” (1987) and “Nankin no kirisuto” (1995). Tomita won the Award for Best Newcomer at the 6th Yokohama Film Festival and at the 8th Japan Academy Prize.


The movie is based on Akemi Hotta’ s best selling novel, “1980 Aiko 16-sai” . She was the youngest individual to win the Bungei Prize at just 16 years of age. “Aiko 16-sai” was directed by Akiyoshi Imazeki, who was only 23 years old at the time. Director Nobuhiko Obayashi was the Executive Producer and music was by Southern All Stars. Released in 1983.



Director, Akiyoshi Imazeki will coming screening and Q&A


Akiyoshi Imazeki

Japanese director and one of the outstanding and long time supporters of Japan Film Festival . Directors of many short movies and feature-length films. To Belgrade movie lovers known as director of movie his first feature film “Aiko 16 sai” and "klevan, love of the tunnel" and “Kalina’s Apple” and Laika”or new films.


Director: Akiyoshi Imazeki

Producer: Nobuhiko Obayashi

Cast: Yasuko Tomita, Misa Kawai, Yuki Matsushita,

Los Angeles & Nagoya sister city 60 years Anniversary screening.

Dir. Akiyoshi Imazeki Q&A

International premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

In Japanese with English subtitle  

LA & Nagoya Sister City 60 years Free Event 10am @Little Tokyo Library

Screening Schedule

LA : 11am Aug 17.

OC : 12pm Aug 18.