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1:15pm Aug.17

Lil Tokyo Reporter

Japanese American Histry Drama • 30 min リトル東京レポーター

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Director: Jeffrey Gee Chin

Cast: Chris Tashima, Eijiro Ozaki, Ikuma Ando, Keiko Agena

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

English only- No Japanese subtitle


Lil Tokyo Reporter is the story of Sei Fujii (Tashima), a civic rights leader who vowed to protect his people, defending them in legal cases with Attorney Wright (Whitney) and building a much needed hospital for the Japanese American community. During the Great Depression, the community unites at their first annual pageant parade while Fujii promotes their accomplishments through his new radio program and newspaper. Wright brings to Fujii’s attention a group running the local gambling hall who decided to take advantage of his community. Fujii must make a decision to confront the issue through his reporting and newspaper. Will these local baddies win over our historic civil rights leader? Or will our hero survive a road that will lead him into many unexpected twist of events. Tune in this summer to find out.

Dream Blossoms

Japanese American Histry Documentary • 40 min 夢は咲く

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Director: Junzo Arai

Cast: Zenichiro Uchida, Ted Uchida, Yoshito&Tomi Matsuno, Janet Matsuno, Henry Hibino, Takeyuki Miyauchi, Kunihiro Nishiya,

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

in Japanese with English subtitle and in English No Japanese subtitle

Director, Junzo Arai and Cast, Uchida Family Q&A


In the mid 1950's men from Kagoshima traveled to the United State. Zenichiro Uchida who people called him "the father of post war immigrants" who led them. He said "our young men should find potential in the vast United States rather than living in a small country. However, Japanese immigrants were hampered by the "Exclusion of Japanese Immigration Law".

Zenichiro himself also lost most of his comrades on the Southeast Asian front during World War II, and thought that what he could do after the war was to create "peace” between Japan and United States."This documentary is a 60 year story of "father of immigrants" Zenichiro Uchida and refugee immigrant families.



Encounters with Silence

Documentary • 30 min 沈黙との出会い


Director: Janus Victoria

Cast:Akira Fujita, Soichiro Koriyama, Yoshiko Sato,
Ami Yamasaki,

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

ABOUT Kodokushi or the lonely death has become common in Japan. The director confronts the silence on the subject through encounters with a man who cleans the apartments of those who die alone, a photographer who documents the aftermath of kodokushi, an elderly woman fiercely protective of her independence even in old age, and an artist who sings to pierce the stillness around her. By examining the quiet and lonely death, this film becomes a meditation on life itself.


Drama • 35 min メモリーズ

Memories Image3のコピー2.jpg

Director: Akiyoshi Imazeki

Cast: Paul Lazar, Serena Motola,

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

© Is.Field

Dir. Imazeki will coming screening !

in Japanese and English subtitle


A girl's fantasy music movie "Memories". It depicts the conflict in the heart of a girl who feels the breathlessness of living in a heavy, frosty, real world. Poetic images and unique characters, and nostalgic and fantasy works. Paul Lazar, who has performed Cirque du Soleil as a violinist and music director, has been starring. And now, among the young actresses, the spotlight stock, Serena Motola, plays three roles each.

一人の少女の幻想音楽映画『Memories』。目に見える重く冷ややかなリアル世界で、生きることの息苦しさを感じている少女の心の葛藤を、詩的な映像と個性的なキャラクターたちで描く、ノスタルジック・ファンタジー作品。主演にはシルク・ドゥ・ソレイユでバイオリニスト、音楽監督として大舞台を作り上げるメンバーとして参加しているポール・ラザー(Paul Lazar)。そのポールが音楽監督も兼任する。そして今、若手女優の中で注目株のモトーラ世理奈が一人三役を演じている。

<ポール・ラザー (Paul Lazar)コメント>
I try actor in this film. This is my first experience! It was good experience ! This film is like a poem, a great poem with movie, with my music. I was so much fun making the musics for this film. We trust that many people feel something and definary find something nostalgy.



4 Short+ film screenings with 1 ticket

OC Screening Schedule

1:15pm Aug.17