Amanogawa - The One I've Longed

Heart Full Drama • 103 min あまのがわ



Shiori is a High School girl, born in Tokyo, is also not good at arguing herself. Her mother, Satomi is a researcher of artificial intelligence and has little time to spend with Shiori. Yet, Satomi, an education-obsessed mother, forces Shiori to study to get a job in the future. Since Shiori gets tired of this and also lost a friend, she stops going to school. And, she has chance to visit a southern island to see her beloved grandma, who taught Shiori playing Japanese drum. 
At the island, she finds a robot which is remotely controlled by a young man who became paralyzed by a traffic accident. Communicating with the robot, Shiori finds her way to live again.

Director Biography - Shun Coney

His films have won awards at more than 35 festivals including the Short Shorts Film Festival for two years in a row, as well as two prizes in a year at the Yamagata International Movie Festival. His first feature film No Voice, with the theme ‘No life to be abandoned’ displays the euthanization of cats and dogs at pet shelters. It continues to be shown in cinemas five years after its release. 

配給:アークエンタテインメント コピーライト:Ⓒあまのがわフィルムパートナーズ


Director: Shun Coney


Cast: Momoko Fukuchi, Aya Sugimoto, Tomoko Ikuta, Kumi Mizuno

Dir. Shun Coney & OriHime Q&A

USA premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

In Japanese with English subtitle  

Screening Schedule

Free Event@Little Tokyo

LA: 1:00pm Aug.17

OC: 2:00pm Aug.18

Red Snow

Drama • 106 min 赤い雪

スクリーンショット 2019-07-05 21.52.01.png


The story begins one snowy day with the disappearance of a boy. His older brother blames himself; the traumatic event causes him to suppress his real memories of that day, burying them under hazy recollections of losing sight of his brother. Meanwhile, a series of unsolved murders occurs, each one seemingly related to the woman suspected of kidnapping and murdering the boy. However, her refusal to talk leaves these crimes shrouded in mystery. The woman has a young daughter who she confines in her home, abusing her and refusing to let the world know of her existence. Thirty years after the boy’s disappearance, a journalist revives interest in the case, which in turn compels the victim’s brother to look for this woman’s daughter in the snowy hinterlands of northern Japan. This sets off a series of events that causes the brother and the woman’s daughter to glimpse the truth that has been concealed by their vague and painful memories.

Writer / Director: Sayaka Kai

SAYAKA KAI small.jpg

Kai’s previous joint directorial works, such as 2000’s “Border Line”and 2001’s “Pellet,”have been screened at film festivals around the world, including the Santa Fe Short Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and International Film Festival Rotterdam, where they have received numerous accolades. Kai has since directed several shorts on her own, each one featuring strong thematic elements and powerful imagery. “The Curse of Ondine”(2014), which depicts both Noh and the human psyche, has received numerous awards in Japan and was met with acclaim at a screening at Paris’s Maison de la Culture du Japon. Her deep insight into human psychology and penetrating visual approach offer something new and important to Japanese film. “Red Snow”is her feature-length debut. 

Actress: NAHANA


2001年に園子温監督の映画『自殺サークル』で女優としてデビュー。2005年の映画『YUMENO』でオーディションにて3,000人の中から選ばれて初主演、2006年のオムニバスホラー映画『コワイ女』の「鋼 -はがね-」では頭からズダ袋を被った特異なキャラクターを脚のみで演じるなど、多くのインディーズ映画で主演やヒロインを務めて「インディーズ(映画)の女王」とも称されるようになり、次第にメジャー作品にも進出する。映画を中心に活動する一方で、劇団絶対王様に所属して舞台にも立ち、NHK教育テレビ『スペイン語会話』などにも出演する。2012年の『どんずまり便器』でゆうばり国際ファンタスティック映画祭2012にてベストアクトレス賞を受賞。2013年には、NHK連続テレビ小説 「純と愛」での好演が話題となる。過去にハッピーエンド(2008)、 ヘヴンズ ストーリー(2010)、YOKOHAMA物語(2011)などの作品がJAPAN FILM FESTIVALでも上映された。


Director: Sayaka Kai

Producer: Hirotaka Asano

Cast: Masatoshi Nagase, NAHANA, Arata Iura, Yui Natsukawa, Koichi Sato

Actress NAHANA & Dir. Sayaka Kai Q&A

USA premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

In Japanese with English subtitle  

©2019Red Snow Film Pertners 

rate; R (PG-15)

Screening Schedule

LA: 11am Aug. 18.

OC: 4pm Aug. 17.

Aiko 16 sai

Los Angeles and Nagoya sister city 60 years anniversary screening!

Drama • 98 min アイコ十六歳


Yasuko Tomita

was born on February 27, 1969 in Fukuoka, Japan. She is an actress, known for “Aiko 16-sai” (1983), “Bu su” (1987) and “Nankin no kirisuto” (1995). Tomita won the Award for Best Newcomer at the 6th Yokohama Film Festival and at the 8th Japan Academy Prize.


The movie is based on Akemi Hotta’ s best selling novel, “1980 Aiko 16-sai” . She was the youngest individual to win the Bungei Prize at just 16 years of age. “Aiko 16-sai” was directed by Akiyoshi Imazeki, who was only 23 years old at the time. Director Nobuhiko Obayashi was the Executive Producer and music was by Southern All Stars. Released in 1983.



Director, Akiyoshi Imazeki will coming screening and Q&A


Akiyoshi Imazeki

Japanese director and one of the outstanding and long time supporters of Japan Film Festival . Directors of many short movies and feature-length films. To Belgrade movie lovers known as director of movie his first feature film “Aiko 16 sai” and "klevan, love of the tunnel" and “Kalina’s Apple” and Laika”or new films.


Director: Akiyoshi Imazeki

Producer: Nobuhiko Obayashi

Cast: Yasuko Tomita, Misa Kawai, Yuki Matsushita,

Los Angeles & Nagoya sister city 60 years Anniversary screening.

Dir. Akiyoshi Imazeki Q&A

International premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

In Japanese with English subtitle  

LA & Nagoya Sister City 60 years Free Event 10am @Little Tokyo Library

Screening Schedule

LA : 11am Aug 17.

OC : 12pm Aug 18.

The Gun

Drama • 97 min 銃

the gun4.jpg
the gun3.jpg


On a nighttime walk along a Tokyo riverbank, a young man named Nishikawa stumbles on a dead body, beside which lies a gun. From the moment Nishikawa decides to Take the gun, the world around him blurs.

Knowing he possesses the weapon brings an intoxicating sense of purpose to his dull university life. But soon Nishikawa’s personal entanglements become unexpectedly complicated: he finds himself romantically involved with two women while his biological father, whom he’s never met, lies dying in a Äb0hospital.

Through it all, he can’t stop thinking about the gun—and the four bullets loaded in its chamber. As he spirals into obsession, his focus is consumed by one idea: that possessing the gun is no longer enough—he must fire it.

This is actuary Black and White film. 

昨日、私は銃を拾った。 これ程美しく、手に持ちやすいものを、私は他に知らない―――。 

大学生の私・西川トオルは憂鬱な雨が降りしきる夜、河原で動かなくなっていた男と、その横に黒く立体的な影に気付く。圧倒的な美しさと存在感を持つ“銃”COLT357MAGNUMに、私は魅せられていく。 そして”銃“に自分の内封された世界を開かせる、そんな可能性を感じるのであった。 


隣家に住む子供は母親から虐待され、夜の街に泣き声が響いていく。 繰り返される日常の中で、非日常の存在である“銃”に私は愛情にも近い感情を抱いていく。 


突然の刑事の訪問。 刑事の心を見透かすような視線に、現実を突きつけられる。 「人を殺す。人を殺す…」 私の心に人を撃つということは、あたかも決定された事柄のように、 自分のすぐ近くの未来に存在している意識を持つ。 私によって美しく磨かれた“銃”。 銃を手にした私の決断とは―――。 

自己と他者を明確に自覚した時、 手に入れてしまった銃をきっかけに一瞬の狂気が全身を駆け抜けていく。


Director: Masaharu Take

Producer: Kazuyoshi Okuyama, Maki Kitani

Story: Fuminori Nakamura (Akutagawa Prize Nobelist)
”The Gun” (2016) Wall street Journal Annual Best 10 selected. 

Cast: Nijiro Murakami, Alice Hirose, Lily Franky,

Dir. Masaharu Take Q&A

USA premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

Rate: R (PG-15)

In Japanese with English subtitle  

Screening Schedule

LA: 3:00pm Aug.18

OC: 10:00am Aug.18

Another Yesterday

Drama • 98 min もう一つの昨日

Another Yesterday vertical poster small.jpeg


Another Yesterday interweaves the plotlines of three troubled teenagers.  Akira has been uprooted and transplanted to a new high school.  He is frustrated by the move, and his frustration has widened a rift between him and his father Takashi.  Once the two were close:  they loved playing hanetsuki outdoors, and Akira was an apt pupil of Takashi’s Japanese culture.  But lately, Akira has been drawing and painting — which Takashi rejects.  Takashi wants the best for his son, and does not view becoming an “artist” as a career option.  As their battle festers, Akira pushes away his father’s culture.  His mother Hiroko has the rare gift of making people feel valued, and her favorite saying is, “Kindness is the answer.  Always.”  She alone can negotiate a truce between Akira and Takashi, but a sudden, unanticipated event will soon upend the fragile peace.

The second plotline concerns Akira’s new friend Scott, who is bullied at school because he is gay.  However, Scott’s religious parents don’t know, and Scott has reached the point where he can no longer live a lie.  He confers with Akira and studies internet sites in which users share how they came out to their families.  Step by step, Scott rallies courage for his moment of reckoning.  Meanwhile, his problem with the bullies is not going away.

Akira’s other new friend Elizabeth commands the third plotline.  Elizabeth is attractive, intelligent, and appealing, but she is also a social pariah:  other students consider her “weird” and she eats alone in the cafeteria.  Akira is drawn to her instantly (like him, she has a flair for art) and he is baffled by all the dissonance.  Scott fills in the blanks:  Elizabeth too often talks out loud to herself and is prone to panic attacks.  As Akira grows closer to her, he learns she thinks a spirit somehow wants something from her.  Is there substance behind her strange claim?

None of the three protagonists can solve his/her problems alone.  But with the help of the others, each begins to turn a tough corner. 


Director: Steven Heil

Producer: Diane Heil, Douglas Heil, Naoyuki Ikeda,

Cast: Kento Matsunami, Lucia Rodriguez-Nelson, Billy Chengary, Naoyuki Ikeda, Akiko Shima

LA premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

Dir, Steven Heil and casts, Q&A

English only No Japanese subtitle  

Screening Schedule

LA: 5:05pm Aug.17.

Three Nobunagas

Samurai Drama • 106 min 3人の信長



A story set in the historical period of feudal Japan. So begins the fight for pride, in a humorous and humanly strategic battle!

In the year Eiroku 13 (1570), after the battle of Kanagasaki, Kanbara Ujinori and ex-members of the Imagawa Clan were hiding out in a ghost town, aiming to kill the powerful feudal lord Oda Nobunaga during his retreat.

The remnants of the Imagawa Clan were looking for their chance to get revenge on the very man who destroyed them in a past battle. They succeed in capturing him, however not only one, but three Nobunagas!

Two out of the three must be a double. If they came back with the head of a double, the Imagawa Clan would be a laughing stock.

In order to maintain the honor of their clan, Ujinori and his men devise all sorts of ways to determine the real Nobunaga. But the three captives also pitch themselves as the real Nobunaga in order to protect their lord.

The Nobunagas who all sound very much like what rumors say about him, have the Imagawa Clan baffled.

And so begins the fight for pride, in a humorous and humanly strategic battle! 



Director: Kei Watanabe

Writer: Kei Watanabe

Cast: TAKAHIRO, Hayato Ichihara, Yoshinori Okada, Kazuyuki Aijima, Gouki Maeda, Eita Okuno, Nozomi Bando, Masahiro Takashima

In Japanese with English subtitle  

JFFLA2019 Submission screening

© ”Three Nobunagas” Film Pertner

Screening Schedule

LA: 1:00pm Aug.18

OC: 6:00pm Aug.17

The Ito Sisters

Japanese American DOCUMENTARY • 85 min

ITO Sisters Poster_FilmFestivals_RGB__lores_20190312のコピー.png
スクリーンショット 2019-07-06 18.23.06のコピー.png


The Ito Sisters is a documentary film capturing the rarely told stories of the earliest Japanese immigrants to the United States and their American-born children. In particular, the film focuses on the experiences of Issei (or immigrant) and Nisei (or first generation born in the US) women, whose voices have largely been excluded from American history. At the center of the film are three Nisei sisters: Natsuye (Nancy), Haruye (Lillian) and Hideko (Hedy), who were born on a farm in the Sacramento River Delta and whose lives were directly impacted by some of the most significant events of 20th-century America, from the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 to the Great Depression to World War II. The film also explores the lives of the girls’ parents, Yetsusaburo and Toku Ito, who came to the United States to earn money so they could return to Japan, but whose plans were repeatedly thwarted. These personal narratives are set against the backdrop of the anti-Japanese movement in California, a 60-year campaign by politicians, journalists, landowners, labor leaders and others that culminated in the evacuation and incarceration of more than 120,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast. Featuring interviews with the three sisters—conducted in their 80s and 90s—the film is also brought to life through family and archival photographs and documents; verbatim quotes from leading historical figures; commentary and analysis from renowned scholars; and artistic illustrations. The Ito Sisters reveals a little-known chapter of American history, focusing on life in what was essentially a California plantation system between the world wars, with Asian and Mexican laborers working the fields of white landowners. The film explores themes that remain timely today: the meaning of American identity and citizenship for immigrants and their children; and tensions between new Americans and anti-immigrant forces. 


Director, Antonia Grace Glenn will coming screening & Q&A


Antonia Grace Glenn

(Director, Writer and Producer, The Ito Sisters: An American Story) is an actor, writer, producer, filmmaker and scholar. Her first documentary film, The Ito Sisters, explores her family’s history as Japanese American farm laborers struggling to eke out a living in the midst of a powerful anti-Japanese movement in the early 20th century. The film utilizes interviews with her grandmother and great-aunts — conducted in their 80s and 90s — as well as family and archival photographs and documents; actor voice-overs of verbatim quotes from prominent historical figures; commentary and analysis from renowned scholars; and beautifully rendered artistic illustrations to bring to life a little-known chapter of American history.


Director: Antonia Grace Glenn

Producer: Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Gregory Pacificar,

Writer: Antonia Grace Glenn

Cast: Dorinne Kondo,     Michael Omi, Jere Takahashi

Dir. Antonia Grace Glenn Q&A

English only, No Japanese subtitle

 JFFLA2019 Submission screening

Screening Schedule

OC: 11:30 am Aug.17


Last Lover

Romance Drama • 110 min ラストラバー



Koki who usually sleeps next to Miyu, was gone when she woke up in the morning. Miyu thought it was another one of his pranks. However, Koki had died sleeping at the wheel. Since then weird things started to happen around Miyu. Co-worker gets killed by someone. Believing these cases were related, Miyu talks about it with her co-worker, Konishi. 
Unlike Koki, Konishi is a hardworking and friendly man. Miyu starts to develop (have) feelings for Konishi as they became closer. Then one day Koki comes back as a ghost proclaiming that he returned for Miyu. Overjoyed, miyu regains the happiness that she lost since koki had died , but living with a ghost is never easy. 



Director: Yusaku Okamoto

Producer: Yusaku Okamoto

Cast: Saki Yuumi, Keiichi Ando, Keita Arai, Mayu Kanakubo,

Dir. Yusaku Okamoto & Cast Keiichi Ando Q&A

In Japanese with English subtitle  

JFFLA2019 Submission screening

Screening Schedul

LA: 3pm Aug. 17

Director - Yusaku Okamoto & Cast Keiichi Ando will coming screening and Q&A


Director, Yusaku Okamoto born in Niigata, Japan. He filmd or produced many films, TV dramas, TV commercials and music videos. Now he manages a film production company called "Astrosandwich Pictures Inc." His short film "Melodyless sonata (2013)" was awarded as The Grand Prix at Yamagata International Film Festival 2015 and as LE TRAIN BLEU AWARD Cinema at Bayou Film Festival 2016. He made a hit with his 2nd feature "It's Not Your Fault At All(2017)."

Miracle in a Spiny Bur  

-The Chestnut Family of Kasama-

Heart Full Drama • 80 min




“You see, chestnuts are covered in a spiny bur. So are we"

“Miracle in a Spiny Bur” revolves around Yuka Shibuya, a struggling actress who goes to the rural Kasama city every autumn to help out the Kinoshita family with their chestnut harvesting as a part timer. But this year was different. Grandpa Kinoshita had passed away in the spring and Hatsue now lives by herself. On top of that, Daiki Mishima, a mysterious young man all bloody and beaten up, appears out of nowhere in the chestnut field. Despite Yuka’s objections, Hatsue brings him into her home to help out with the chestnut harvesting and the three start to form a special bond as the harvest progresses. But what happens to Hatsue slowly changes the fate of Yuka and Daiki..." 










Director: Hisashi Ueda

Producer: Yuko Nishio, Hayato Mitsuishi

Cast: Mau Nishio, Yu-Hi, Akiko Kurano, Takumi Tsuchida, Tomomi Nishimura, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Toru Watanabe,

OC premiere screening

JFFLA2019 Invited Selection

Producer, Hatayo Mitsuishi Q&A

In Japanese with English subtitle  

©Yu Promortion / “Miracle in a Spiny Bur” Film Pertner

Screening Schedule

OC: 10:00am Aug.17