Drama • 72 min



Dr. Sanada works as a psychiatrist at a clinic in the United States. One day while out shopping with his family, he encounters a woman whom he once treated, named Azusa. Azusa's words reverberate in his mind, and he envisions questioning her at the clinic. Soon after the episode, Dr. Sanada gets the chance, but under very different circumstances. Azusa's shocking story goes beyond anything he imagined. Azusa lost both parents in a fire as a child, was bullied at school, and later married a man who became unfaithful. After getting divorced, Azusa started working as a prostitute in the United States to support her debt-filled existence. As Dr. Sanada listens further, he begins to see himself mirrored in the various men whom Azusa recalls, being drawn deeper into her world. Azusa's revelations escalate, pushing the story toward an unexpected conclusion.




Director: Kaori Momoi

Producer: Kazuyoshi Okuyama

Cast: Kaori Momoi, Yugo Saso, Ayako Fujitani

In Japanese with English subtitle  

Screening Schedule

Sunday, August 19 | 5:20 PM

Q&A with Director Kaori Momoi after the screening