Thank you very much coming to JFFLA 2019 !

Thanks to the many people who came to see our movie.

2019 Award winners

Best Picture Award:Red Snow

Best Director Award:Masaharu Take(The Gun)

Best actress Award:Nahana (Red Snow)

Best Original Screenplay: Shun Coney(Amanogawa)

Best Jidaigeki Award : Three Nobunas

Best Cross Culture Award :  Another Yesterday

Best Performance Award : Akiko Kurano(Miracle in a Spiny Bur)

Best Ensemble Award : Last lover

Best Documentary Award:The Ito Sisters

Best Short Film Award:Tokyo Lovers

Best Japanese American Short Award: Yonsei 

Best Memorable film Award:  The Wind Phone

Best Short+ Award / Documentary:  Encounters with Silence

Best Short+ Award / Drama : Lil Tokyo Reporter

Special Thanks Award: Junzo Arai (Dream Blossoms)

Honorable Mention for Artistic Film : Memories

Chanoma film Award :  Akiyoshi Imazeki

Best Volunteer Award:Natsuko Tanaka


Free Events 

Feature Films 


Amanogawa -The One I’ve Longed


Dir. Shun Coney Q&A + OriHime event


Red Snow


Actress NAHANA and Dir. Sayaka Kai Q&A


Aiko 16 sai

アイコ十六歳 LA & Nagoya Sister city 60 years event

Dir. Akiyoshi Imazeki Q&A

the gun1のコピー.jpg

The Gun

Dir. Masaharu Take Q&A


Another Yesterday


Dir. Steven Heil and many casts Q6A

スクリーンショット 2019-07-04 18.09.49.png

Three Nobunagas



The Ito Systers

The Ito Sisters

Dir, Antonia Grace Glenn Q&A


Last Lover

Last Lover

Dir, Yusaku Okamoto and Cast, Keiichi Ando Q&A


Miracle in a Spiny Bur


Producer, Hayato Mitsuishi Q&A

Short & Short+ Film Collections

In addition to feature films, we will be showing a collection of short films and up to 40min films.


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What is JFFLA?

The Japan Film Festival – Los Angeles originally started out in 2003. We are dedicated to strengthening the general understanding of Japanese culture by providing American and Japanese audiences in Los Angeles cutting-edge, original films depicting authentic representations of contemporary Japan.