Last Lover

Romance Drama • 110 min ラストラバー



Koki who usually sleeps next to Miyu, was gone when she woke up in the morning. Miyu thought it was another one of his pranks. However, Koki had died sleeping at the wheel. Since then weird things started to happen around Miyu. Co-worker gets killed by someone. Believing these cases were related, Miyu talks about it with her co-worker, Konishi. 
Unlike Koki, Konishi is a hardworking and friendly man. Miyu starts to develop (have) feelings for Konishi as they became closer. Then one day Koki comes back as a ghost proclaiming that he returned for Miyu. Overjoyed, miyu regains the happiness that she lost since koki had died , but living with a ghost is never easy. 



Director: Yusaku Okamoto

Producer: Yusaku Okamoto

Cast: Saki Yuumi, Keiichi Ando, Keita Arai, Mayu Kanakubo,

Dir. Yusaku Okamoto & Cast Keiichi Ando Q&A

In Japanese with English subtitle  

JFFLA2019 Submission screening

Screening Schedul

LA: 3pm Aug. 17

Director - Yusaku Okamoto & Cast Keiichi Ando will coming screening and Q&A


Director, Yusaku Okamoto born in Niigata, Japan. He filmd or produced many films, TV dramas, TV commercials and music videos. Now he manages a film production company called "Astrosandwich Pictures Inc." His short film "Melodyless sonata (2013)" was awarded as The Grand Prix at Yamagata International Film Festival 2015 and as LE TRAIN BLEU AWARD Cinema at Bayou Film Festival 2016. He made a hit with his 2nd feature "It's Not Your Fault At All(2017)."