Odayaka-Ya - おだやか家

Documentary, Short Film • 15 min 40 sec



The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku on March 11, 2011 completely changed our values and the way we see things. 
It seems people are reconsidering their lifestyles, shifting the focus of happiness away from financial gain to feeling a connection with nature and with other people.

One couple moved to Sagamiko in Kanagawa Prefecture to start over, leaving their city life in Tokyo behind. Their new lifestyle would be half agriculture and half unknown. There is a community now gathering around the couple’s activities, such as their natural farm, "Odayaka Farm", and a vegetable-centric cooking class. This new life is imbued with traditional ways. Although the community is still small, there is great excitement about what will come next.

This excitement inspired me deliver their message and their way of seeing things in the hopes that it will inspire others.




Kazuhito Takazawa


Kazu Shimazaki, Haru Shimazaki, 

Erica Endo

In Japanese

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