May 5th (Fri)

University of California Irvine

5:00 PM: When Marnie Was There

May 6th (SAT)

YAMAHA Music Center Irvine

3:00 PM: When Marnie Was There

4:45 PM: Sakura – The Last Departure of KAMIKAZE –


May 7th (SUN)

YAMAHA Music Center Irvine

1:00 PM: Short Film Series + Director Q&A

3:15 PM: Seed

5:00 PM: Daichi’s flowers are blooming

May 13Th (SAT)

New Gardena Hotel

12:00 PM: Kodan on Elderly Care by Kakuei Tanabe + Director Talk Show

2:30 PM: Norinten + Director/Cast Talk Show

5:00 PM: LAIKA + Director/Cast Talk Show

7:00 PM: KARATE KILL + Director/Cast Talk Show


May 14Th (SUN)

Higashi Honganji Temple

1:00 PM: Norinten + Director/Cast Talk Show

May 14Th (SUN)

New Gardena Hotel

12:00 PM: Short Film Series + Director Q&A

2:00 PM: + Director Q&A

4:15 PM: Tokyo Boys Correction + Director/Cast Q&A

6:30 PM: Reception Party & Award + Performance by Miss Syoko Tomit


May 15Th (MON)

Toyota Automobile Museum

Norinten + Director/Cast Talk Show

May 19Th (FRI)


Norinten + Director/Cast Talk Show