Special Screening

Oh Lucy!

Setsuko, a 55-year-old single 'office lady' in Tokyo, is given a blonde wig and a new identity, 'Lucy,' by her young unconventional English instructor.


Short Film Submissions



Set in 1945, Daiki & Sam frustrated by the never ending confines of the Gila River Japanese internment camp, decide to chance a naive exit. 



In “Home,” artist and filmmaker Kyoko Takenaka unveils a visual and sonic portrait of belonging and memory in four chapters.          



Girl A sneaks out of her repressive town and meets Girl B, who opens her eyes to the world around her. After that magical night Girl A decides to leave the town she’s always know to be with someone she truly loves.

rice ball.jpg

Rice Ball

A father and a son return from the crematory. The father made rice balls for his son, but the shape was also round and big. The son feels a sense of incompatibility with the taste different from rice balls made by his mother.


Pachinko - パチンコ

A visitor immersed in Tokyo considers how the heavy set of implicit rules might take a toll on the individual psyche and mess with human instincts. 

mental sketch.jpg

Mental Sketch - メンタルスケッチ

"MASATO is looking for his girlfriend, who disappeared without saying anything. An unknown light-emitting creature, named MOPIE, follows him, and they go around the world to find her."




Odayaka-Ya - おだやか家

The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku on March 11, 2011 completely changed our values and the way we see things. 



KEISUKE is a college student who has a special gift of sharing one week of his life to other people. Can he save the people? or not...


Past Screenings

Since 2003, we have delivered the best Japanese films at JFFLA.