"The Gift of Memory 1 & 2" うつくしいひと1&2

Drama • 85MIN(40 min + 45 MIN)

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A film director who is location hunting in Kumamoto meets and travels with a young woman. He used to live there and has returned after many years to give something to his first crush. It turns out the woman he just met is a daughter of his first love. Performed by actors and prominent figures from the area. Political scientist Kang Sang-jung plays the director and Ai Hashimoto plays the young woman. Co-actors include Kengo Kora, Eri Ishida, Ryotaro Yonemura, as well as Kumamoto's PR character Kumamon. Beautiful scenes of Kumamoto such as the Kumamoto Castle, Tsujun Bridge and Kikuchi Gorge are showcased throughout the film.


ドラマ 85min. (40min. + 45min.)

監督 行定勲


あらすじ: 熊本の魅力を伝える映画を作りたいと、蒲島県知事と行定監督との会談から生まれた企画。学生時代を懐かしむ映画監督と少女の話の前作は、偶然にも地震以前の熊本の情景を残す記録映画となった。続編では、傷ついた街並みや風景、それでも復興しようと頑張る“今の熊本”が映し出され、「サバ?(元気?というフランス語)」は、熊本への復興のエールになっている。




Director: Isao Yukisada


Cast: Ai Hashimoto,  Kang Sang-jung
Kengo Kora, Eri Ishida

In Japanese with English subtitle  

Screening Schedule


Saturday, August 18 | 10:00 AM

@Newport Beach Higashi Honganji